Aging of the joints may be delayed

Statistical data from aging joints after 30 years of age, but we must consider other factors that can lead to early wear of the joints. For example, genetic predisposition, a large joint exercise / strenuous physical work or sport / malformations, deformities can lead to problems in the knee joints in a much earlier age, obesity, trauma.

But alarm bells usually is pain.
In case of pain should be addressed immediately. Pain is the most powerful in movement. There are patients who experience pain, but studies show no major joint wear, and those where there is no pain, but joint wear is significant. When there is pain, there is now a need for treatment and prevention.

What is the prevention, according to modern health practices?
If we follow historical publications in the 50s, 60s of last century was not quite such a roundabout account of joint prevention. A joint deterioration is irreversible. It may only be delayed. Today we pay considerable attention to the comprehensive prevention – nutrition, moderate sports / swimming as very useful / correct weight, dietary supplements that contribute to slowing of joint deterioration.

The wear of the joints can you “save” if you use less, that is to restrict movement?
No. Exercise helps strengthen the muscles around the joints and help to protect them from damage. Furthermore, improved circulation, flexibility, support and increase the volume of traffic. Diseases of the joints are good swim, moderate walk, exercise, increasing the elasticity of the muscles. When joint pain should be assessed by a specialist doctor what to load.

Is there a correlation between gender and joint degeneration?
Yes, there. Joint wear predominates in women where hormone factors, pregnancy and weight fluctuations play a significant role.

Joint health Can be improved with exercises for the muscles?
The connection is direct. Healthy musculature suggests strong links, they did participate in the construction of the joint. Hence greater stability and mobility of joints, which retained development of degenerative processes. Therefore, moderate exercise has definite preventive effect on the wear of the joints.
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